Periscope’s New “Video Longevity Initiative #SAVE” |

Periscope’s New “Video Longevity Initiative #SAVE”


Periscope is one of the newest tools in the landscape of social media, having launched March 26, 2015 (at the time this article is being written, approximately a year and a few months) and has already become one of the most utilized platforms in the social media and internet marketing space.

In today’s marketplace, it is key to stay current with the trends and there are probably no other niches more affected by this than technology and social media.

Once again, the “call  has been heard.”

To stay ahead of the curve, a business must not only know its market, but also, act upon what the market is whispering about before it becomes a demand.

Perisicope has done just that. Periscope has been recognized for its ability to communicate live via video with a streaming capture that surpasses (at the present) Facebook Live and Snapchat, the other two widely used communication tools in today’s social media artillery. It began with allowing the content to be only available for 24 hours.

Now, Periscope has “taken it up a notch” by allowing the user to save his/her content to be viewed anytime in the future.

This is “huge.”

What this means, especially for marketers, is that there is now a video streaming media that can compare and be just as effective as a blog that we know can be shared for years and years.

To benefit from this latest marketing gem, if you haven’t already, become a “Scoper,” (one who uses Periscope) and give video marketing value to your clients, customers, followers, and prospects – and as a caveat, your Periscope content will automatically be shared via your Twitter feed.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Currently you must put “ #SAVE “ in the title of your Periscope feed as this is presently in the beta stage, however, soon this necessity may change.

So, if you haven’t already begun…Start Scoping

Newbies: Need help in setting up your Periscope Account? ……. Click HERE

Article by: Edward Holley