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Market Your Online Home Business

When I first started my home based business, I went to all the conference calls and training calls, I did just what my up lines told me what they did and I knew because I was doing the same things they did, that my business was going to take off like a wild fire and I was going to have big money coming in just like them. Well let me tell you some things they did not tell me.

They did not tell me that I needed a capture page for my business, They did not tell me that I need to brand myself on the internet, They did not tell me that I needed to advertise and they did not tell me the most important thing, that I needed a funded proposal so that I would have money to do my advertising with.

But after a year of being in a home business I figured out that they needed their business to start growing again, so they decided to tell me these things and guess what, yep, my businesses started growing too. So because they did not tell me these things to begin with, I wanted to pass along what I now know and maybe it will help you get your business moving.

Marketing on the internet can be hard for some to figure out, like where to go to do marketing.
A lot of what I learned was by goggling, after going to the training calls and listening to everyone else trying to figure it out as well and asking questions, I sat back very quiet and took notes and after the call I goggled things like “What is marketing” or “how to network Market” you can learn just about anything on the internet, just goggle it.

Also get with some people in your team and talk about these things, put your heads together, you will be surprised what you come up with. In my primary business our company has this thing called Team Up, where we get a team of 6 people together and we learn from each other on how to grow our business. It comes in very handy and I have really learned a lot. That is a very good way to get the information you need when your learning to market your business.

You do not always need to go to your sponsor or your up line because they are sometimes very busy and they can not give you the time that you need, so go within your business and find people that are trying to learn the same things you want to learn. Put your heads together and throw out ideas and things that you have already learned. It is a lot more fun and so much less frustrating when you have people of liked mind working together as a team.

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