12 Reasons Why Every Business Needs To Track Their Clicks

If you’re serious about your online business – or optimizing your online sales process for an off-line business – you need to measure the clicks that are coming into all of your web properties…See how  << HERE >>.

Without instant access to this critical information you can guarantee that you are losing business – and easily thousands of dollars each year (if not more) – to your direct competitors, all because you’re not paying attention to the information readily available to you.

With tools like Click.org, not only will you have access to all of the inside information that your clicks provide – geo-targeting information, time spent on the website, how much each and every individual click cost you and how much you are making as a result of that investment, and so much more – but you’ll also have advanced reporting that you can deploy to all assets in your business to optimize your marketing moving forward.

No, the smart and savvy online entrepreneur not only understands the critical importance of tracking clicks – but also invests in the tools that make the system full proof, instant, and effortless along the way.

If you’re still not absolutely, positively, 100% sure that click tracking is for you, here are just 12 of the reasons you want to invest in a tool like Click.org just as soon as humanly possible.

* Understand exactly where your customers are coming from geographically to set up campaigns targeted towards their demographic

* Find out which percentage of your users are browsing your web properties on a mobile device, and determine whether or not a mobile ready version of your websites should be created

* Cloak your affiliate links so that other online businesses aren’t “poaching” your affiliate commissions

* Determine which of your marketing campaigns are making money, which campaigns are losing money, and what you can do to optimize each of them

* Discover who your most profitable customers (or traffic sources) are, and focus the majority of your resources there

* Eliminate wasteful spending by abandoning clicks that are coming from sources that do not spend money on your products or services

* Produce instant and advanced custom reports that can help to optimize other areas of your business

* Engage new users in your business, marketing, and communications by finding which social media outlets are most responsive to your current communications

* Understand where you are wasting marketing money, where you are under spending marketing money, and how to eliminate any extra waste entirely

* Reward traffic sources, employees, or affiliates and joint venture partners that are pushing valuable content to your sales and marketing funnels

* Test brand-new marketing and advertising strategies without breaking the bank before making major investments in those avenues
* Split test any marketing campaign or idea you have and gain instant and advanced analytics and reporting at the moment that you “go live”

As you can see, a tool like Click.org completely changes the game when it comes to online businesses or online promotions. Widely recommended as one of the most potent Internet marketing tools available, get your hands on your copy of Click.org just as soon as possible.


Recommended Tools for Online Entrepreneurs

What are “super tools?” Super tools are those tools used by advanced marketers above the basic general tools like autoresponders, crms and domain hostings.. These are the tools that go beyond the “set-up” process and are used to enhance the marketing efforts of the entrepreneur. Below is a hyperlinked list of some that are recommended to be in any serious marketer’s tool chest.

Speed Leads funnel creator/front-end system custom tracking system rotator/split testing IMC: training for niches Magnetic Entrepreneur sales training

WishLoop Pro is a website conversion software that generates organic leads for businesses

Inspired Media:

BizzBoss: W/P Webpage Tool




Pixametic graphic creation


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