Learn The Latest In SEO Marketing – Granular Training

In the world of SEO,  according to a search quality senior strategist of Google, it is very difficult to answer any question when it comes to what type of search query or method is more effective than another. Rather than trying to find keywords that may be key search tools that Google would readily recognize, Google is focusing its efforts in learning and adapting to the language and phrases used by humans in their online search inquiries.

Simply put, Google has its own artificial intelligence system. 

If you want to leverage your business then you need to know SEO and the best way to learn SEO is to learn it from one of the best in today’s environment.

Ask any of today’s greatest influencers to recommend the “go-to-person in SEO Marketing,” and they would probably mention the same name, Joshua Earp.

Joshua Earp has helped a host of well-known and successful businesses and entrepreneurs reach millions through his marketing genius and has recently released an online training entitled “SEO Mastery,” a training course sponsored by and exclusively available to  FourPercent Members.

This training is a must for the serious entrepreneur.

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The knowledge you will receive is worth well over the cost of the product and the reward is even greater.

Watch an interview with Joshua Earp and the founder and CEO of FourPercent, Vick Strizheus below.

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