Recommended Reading: “Change Your Culture, Change Everything” by Dr. Samuel Chand

If you are an entrepreneur and either have or will be developing a team, then it is very important to develop the culture and message you will like to have associated with your brand.

Questions that need be addressed are:

What mindset should be encouraged?

What are the core values of the organization?

Are long term goals and the short term goals distinguishable?

How willing is a team member to make decisions based on team beliefs rather than on immediate fulfillment?

These are only a few among a list of other considerations that must be addressed in order to achieve a unified team when it comes to embedding a “culture” that will sustain.

Dr. Samuel Chant in his recent publication, “Change Your Culture, Change Everything,” delves into this concept and provides suggestions to accomplish this practice.

For a limited time, this book is available free of charge with the exception of shipping and handling.

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