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E-Commerce without a doubt’ is one of the fastest growing business models in the world.

If you are considering to embark on the industry, it it is imperative to know “what is happening now” and how to utilize the most current strategy to enhance success.

Shubham Singh is an expert when it comes to mastering this industry and he joins Vick Strizheus in an exclusive presentation to highlight methods that he uses to propel his e-commerce businesses.

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Five Surefire Ways to Increase Conversions and Sales


If you’re like most online marketers, small business owners, bloggers or other website owners, then you’re always looking for ways to increase your conversions and sales. After all, it’s just smart business to make the most of your traffic. If you can boost your ROI, then you’ll be putting more money in your pocket at the end of every day.

Now here’s the thing…

You don’t do one grand gesture in order to increase your conversions and sales. Instead, you take a series of small steps. And collectively, these small steps add up to BIG results.

What sort of steps should you take? Below you’ll find five surefire ways to boost your conversions and sales.

And the best part?

You can implement every single one of these ideas using one simple website feature: attention bars. More on that in just a few moments. But first, take a look at these ideas…

#1. Present an exit offer.

A lot of marketers figure if a visitor is leaving their site, then that visitor wasn’t really targeted or interested. And that assumption is a big mistake.

Here’s why…

Just because a visitor is leaving doesn’t mean they’re saying “no” to everything. They’ve just said “no” to whatever they’ve seen so far. And if you dangle the right offer in front of them, you might just get an enthusiastic “YES!”

Let’s suppose someone is looking at your $97 software offer. They’re interested, but maybe it’s not in their budget just yet.

So, what happens?

When they leave your sales page, they’re gone for good. They probably won’t be back. And yet, this is a qualified prospect who is interested in what you’re selling. They just haven’t seen the right offer yet.

Here’s what you do: when they leave your sales page, make them an offer they can’t refuse. For example:

• Give them a free trial.
• Give them a low-cost trial.
• Offer a “lite” version of the software at a reduced price.
• Give them a discount coupon for the full version of the software.

Now what does your prospect say? “YES!” And you just saved a sale and created a customer!


#2. Get visitors on your list.

This is pretty basic, but it’s a strategy that plenty of marketers still overlook. Simply put, you need to work hard to get as many of your visitors on your mailing list as possible. That way, you can follow up with them via email over time to close the sale.

Remember, a person leaving your site isn’t saying, “no.” They might be saying, “not yet,” or “maybe.” And when you get them on your mailing list, you can turn that “maybe” into a definite yes.

Next idea…

#3. Offer an exciting bonus.

If you’re an affiliate, then it’s no secret you’re competing against hundreds or even thousands of other affiliates who are all selling the exact same thing.

Think about that for a moment.

Saying, “Hey, buy this thing through this link” isn’t going to be enough to pocket those commissions. To meet that goal, you need to do two things:

1. Develop a good reputation in the niche. Obviously, this isn’t something you do in a short amount of time. This is an ongoing task that requires you to promote good products, do so in an honest way, and really help your audience.

2. Add value to every offer. In other words, offer prospects a bonus if they purchase a product through your affiliate link.

This second one is really effective, and it’s something you can start doing immediately. Simply offer a related, valuable bonus that’s in high-demand, and you’ll see your conversion rates get a huge boost. And for obvious reasons – people like to get the most bang for their buck, so they’re going to use the affiliate link that gives them more value for their money.


#4. Upsell your customers.

You’ve got a prospect sitting on your order form with their credit card in hand. Prospects don’t get much hotter than this. He’s in the buying mood. And that’s why now is the very best time to suggest that he add something to his order. In other words, offer an upsell or cross-sell of a product that will enhance the use and/or enjoyment of the main product.

For example, let’s suppose you have someone who’s ordering a meal-planning app from you for the purposes of losing weight. Offer an accompanying diet guide or low-calorie cookbook as a cross-sell, and you’re sure to boost your average per-transaction price.

Here’s another idea for boosting conversions and sales…

#5. Display a countdown timer.

Sometimes your prospects are interested in your offer. But for whatever reason, they put off the actual purchase. They bookmark your page and tell themselves they’ll come back to it later.

You can guess what happens, right?

Yep, “later” never comes. The person loses interest in your product once the excitement of the sales pitch wears off. Or life gets in the way, and they totally forget about your offer.

What’s the solution to saving these sales?

You need to stir up a sense of urgency. You need to make people feel like they need to purchase RIGHT NOW… or risk missing out. Yes, you need to create a little fear.

You know what creates just the right amount of order-boosting fear? A limited time offer. And to make it even more powerful, you can match this offer with a countdown timer that’s visually ticking down the hours, minutes and seconds left before the offer expires. It’s a powerful way to boost the sense of urgency – and your sales!

Now here’s the best part about all of these ideas…

You can implement every single one of these ideas using an attention bar. Specifically:

1. Put an offer in an attention bar that appears when the visitor is intending to leave your site.

2. Display your opt-in offer using a well-placed attention bar (preferably one that appears after a delay).

3. Insert your affiliate bonus offer in an attention bar, and then overlay this attention bar directly on the sales page. (Yes, that’s completely possible when using iFrame technology.)

4. Place your upsell offer in an attention bar on the order form to really call attention to it.

5. Put a countdown timer in an attention bar that displays on a sales page, or even on some other page of your site to advertise a flash sale or other special offer.

In short, using attention bars is a GREAT way to boost your conversion and sales. Because not only can you use these attention bars in the five ways described above, but you can put them to work for you in countless other ways as well. You can use them to:

• Reiterate a big benefit.
• Insert a powerful testimonial.
• Place videos or images in them to draw attention.
• Use countdown timers to create urgency on any sort of offer.
• Persuade prospects to join your list.
• Announce new products, sales or news.
• Direct prospects to related offers.
• Encourage people to request more information.

Simply put, attention bars work like crazy because they’re eye-catching without being eye sores!

But for a lot of marketers, this strategy poses a problem…

Namely, the average marketer or small business owner simply has no idea how to create one of these bars. They don’t have the coding know-how. And even those who know a bit about coding don’t know how to create professional-looking bars that appear at specific times.

Now here’s the good news…

You can start creating your own conversion-boosting attention bars in as few as two minutes – no coding knowledge or skills required!


By using the web-based Conversion Gorilla app.

This is a point-and-click easy way to create beautiful, powerful, and high-converting attention bars. And these bars are fully customizable with a click of your mouse, including:

• Insert conversion-boosting countdown timers.

• Decide when, how and where your attention bars will appear on your page.

• Get the ability to overlay your attention bars on other peoples’ websites, such as your affiliate link.

• Change the colors, font, size and more with a click of your mouse.

• Change your attention bar on the fly in your dashboard, and it instantly updates across your sites.

And so much more. Conversion Gorilla makes it easy for anyone to boost conversions and sales using cutting-edge attention bar technology.

Ready to see it in action for yourself? Check out the demo here:


And then grab your account to put this powerful tool to work for you!


Learn The Latest In SEO Marketing

In the world of SEO,  according to a search quality senior strategist of Google, it is very difficult to answer any question when it comes to what type of search query or method is more effective than another. Rather than trying to find keywords that may be key search tools that Google would readily recognize, Google is focusing its efforts in learning and adapting to the language and phrases used by humans in their online search inquiries.

Simply put, Google has its own artificial intelligence system. 

If you want to leverage your business then you need to know SEO and the best way to learn SEO is to learn it from one of the best in today’s environment.

Ask any of today’s greatest influencers to recommend the “go-to-person in SEO Marketing,” and they would probably mention the same name, Joshua Earp.

Joshua Earp has helped a host of well-known and successful businesses and entrepreneurs reach millions through his marketing genius and has recently released an online training entitled “SEO Mastery,” a training course sponsored by and exclusively available to  FourPercent Members.

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Five Ways to Attain and Maintain Business Leads

The biggest challenge in any business  is to get and keep a customer base. This is true for any business and even more so as an online marketer.

What does it take to actually get leads and then to turn  those leads into life time customers?

Below are sugestions that can be implemented immediately and improve your marketing efforts. 

  1. Offer A Solution To The Desire and Curiosity of Your Audience

Authenticity is extremely important. Put yourself in the “shoes” of your clients and share your perspective on their concerns. Do not discount the concern but rather delve into te importance of defining these two main quandaries. 

  1. Offer New Content of Helpful and Meaningful Business Strategies

It is very important to follow up with subsequent communications via your autoresponder that is personalized and concurrent with the focus of the clients’ objectives. Never think of your list development as simply a “cash cow,” rather as individuals who are looking to you to guide them in their quest to success.

  1. Follow-up To Assess Whether Your Previous Communications Have Been Helpful and If Not,Find Ways To Improve the Recognized Issue.

It is important to know if your advice is being not only understood, but also if it is being instituted. You need to be just as eager for your client’s success as they are for their own success. Find out what is working and what is not to continue to serve your clients who entrusts you with their endeavor.

  1. Be consistent and innovative with your communications

Do not email your list to just “push” another opportunity or product, rather send then information that encourages them and offer ‘tools of the trade” that may have helped you. Find valuable “no-cost” techniques that can be utilized to increase their bottom line while not increasing their expenses.  

  1. Stay “fresh” by offering your tribe new tools that you personally use to enhance and grow your business

Find, utilize and recommend only those tools that have proven to have been an asset for your business.

In summary and above all, be and remain “authentic” and treat your subscribers as the jewels that they are.


This Week’s “Live” Presentation and Limited Time Available Replay

Staying Current With Business Trends

Being a successful entrepreneur requires that you not only stay current with trends in your own niche but also in the vast business community as well.

No better way to accomplish this is to learn from others who are experiences similar challenges and needs.

One of the recommneded means of doing so is by tuning in to the weekly program “MSNBC Your Business – Open Forum, here you can find the latest information that can truly enhance your business knowledge and put you in the forefront of business initiatives.

MSNBC Your Business – Open Forum aires each Sunday Morning on MSNBC and is hosted JJ Ramberg.

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Les Brown and Son Offering Insights On Communication

Recommended Reading: “Change Your Culture, Change Everything” by Dr. Samuel Chand

If you are an entrepreneur and either have or will be developing a team, then it is very important to develop the culture and message you will like to have associated with your brand.

Questions that need be addressed are:

What mindset should be encouraged?

What are the core values of the organization?

Are long term goals and the short term goals distinguishable?

How willing is a team member to make decisions based on team beliefs rather than on immediate fulfillment?

These are only a few among a list of other considerations that must be addressed in order to achieve a unified team when it comes to embedding a “culture” that will sustain.

Dr. Samuel Chant in his recent publication, “Change Your Culture, Change Everything,” delves into this concept and provides suggestions to accomplish this practice.

For a limited time, this book is available free of charge with the exception of shipping and handling.

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